I love to add beads to any needlpoint piece. They are a really easy way to add dimension as well as some extra pizazz. All the beads listed here are size 14 which are perfect for an 18 count canvas. One bead is the same size as one stitch. For 13 count canvas you will need size 11 beads which can be found at any craft store. To make beading easier, make sure that you have a tackybob (tools 9) as well as short beading needles (tools 3). The tackybob (bob=Box Of Beads) resembles a CD case. Once opened you discover that both sides of bob are tacky, holding your beads in place so that they are easier to pick up with your needle. No more rolling, bouncing beads! The short beading needles are very helpful because you have more control and they do not bend as much as the longer ones. I like to thread my beading needle with a clear nylon quilting weight thread. It is not the easiest with which to work but I really like the fact that it is invisible. You can also use sewing thread or a single ply of splendor or soie crystale in a color that matches the bead. If you go to the finishing gallery you can see several examples of beading. In #8, the entire cherry, stem and leaves are beaded. Red beads are added as ornaments to the Christmas tree in #23. Several of the letters are beaded in #10. If you have never tried this before, you should give it a chance!

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