Kreinik #12 Braid

JUST IN!!! Kreinik 1/16th inch ribbon. I was at market in January and Kreinik debuted their new holographic fibers. In my opinion, the sparkle factor was optimized in the ribbon vs the braid. So now we have 54 colors of the ribbon. The new items begin at 139 on page 8. All of the holographic colors numbers end in an L. They are so cool!!! The braid is round metallic fiber (as opposed to a flat ribbon) that was originally called Balger. It is rougher in feel than many of the newer metallics. Several sizes are available. Typically, 16 braid is used on 13 count canvas, 12 braid on 18 count canvas, and 8 on 22 count canvas. We do not keep every color of every size in stock but we will special order any color in any quantity for you.

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