Stretcher Bars

I stitch almost everything I do on stretcher bars. For those who are unfamiliar with them, they keep the canvas in its correct shape and help to keep your stitches even. To use these, you need to measure the length and width of your canvas. You will need a pair of stretcher bars for each number. The stretcher bars have interlocking ends so the pieces will fit smoothly together and form either a square or rectangle. You then place your canvas on top and tack (tools #7) the canvas in place. You want to maintain a fair amount of tension on the sides so that the canvas is mounted with as little give as possible. As you scroll down the list of products you will notice that there are 3 different types of stretcher bars. The minis and regulars are exactly the same except that the minis are more narrow. I generally use the minis for smaller projects. The evertites are the biggest and easiest to use. Instead of you tugging on the canvas to give it the desired tautness, you loosely tack the canvas on top and use the T tool to give the desired tension. Also if your canvas looses some of its tautness as you stitch the T tool will help you get that tension back without having to untack and then retack your canvas. One word of caution...the poke and pull method of stitching (as opposed to the sewing method) is the only option when working with stretcher bars. Also, having a pair of magnets will help you to not lose your needle.  If you do not see the size that you want, send us an email.  We will be happy to order any size for you!

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